Who we are

NetworkOne Maternity is an independent provider of maternity care and related reproductive health services. The underlying professional entity is Dr HP Manyonga and Associates Incorporated. We provide the full range of maternity services focusing on women with low-risk pregnancies. Our providers create a supportive and holistic environment for memorable antenatal, birthing and postnatal care. We promote vaginal birth and reserve caesarean section for life threatening complications. We respect and take into account your choices and believe in shared decision-making. The clinical providers include midwives, doulas, a general practitioner, obstetricians, and other healthcare practitioners, all working together in an integrated team. Network One Maternity is managed by Network One Health (Pty) Ltd. The team works for you.

How to access care at NetworkOne Maternity


Our highly skilled team of gynaecologists, doctors, GPs, specialists, midwives and administrative staff are here to help you with all your pregnancy and birthing needs.


Video chat with one of our experienced and qualified doctors


We offer you the opportunity to be treated in the comfort, safety and privacy of your own home.

Why choose NetworkOne Maternity?

Quality and Comprehensive Maternity Care

NetworkOne offers an affordable end-to-end maternity programme from pregnancy booking right through birth up to 6 weeks post-delivery. We have designed our service so that our clients are at the centre of all our activities to give them memorable experiences. Our providers are continuously trained and supported by our processes and systems to individualise your care for the best outcomes. Our intelligent health technology applications and digital solutions ensure that you get the necessary care at the right time, always.

Home Visits and
Tele Consultations

We understand that coming in for a routine consultation when you’re a healthy pregnant woman can be an arduous task. For this reason, we offer home-based and teleconsultations as an option for some of the visits by special arrangement. It is possible to get quality care in the comfort of your own home!

Years of

The team at NetworkOne has many years of experience in the birthing sector. Dr Howard Manyonga, the founder of NetworkOne Maternity, co-created and previously ran a multidisciplinary team model that delivered nearly 3 000 women in the three years up to mid 2021. He held senior management roles in the sexual and reproductive health sector after running his own practice for many years in Cape Town.

Dr Margreet Wibbelink is an experienced midwife specialist who co-founded a mom and baby clinic in Jeffreys bay nearly 20 years ago. She currently runs an online midwifery academy training and coaching midwives.

Dr Emmanuel Majachani is an obstetrician with over 20 years experience in private practice in the north of Johannesburg. He has experience working with midwives in his practice. He has worked with and mentored many younger specialists and he also is an external examiner at local medical schools.

Dr Esther Rockson has been in private practice for the past 5 years. She runs a growing practice at Busamed Modderfontein hospital.

Prices to suit
your pocket

We understand that not all pregnancies are the same; some women need more tests and visits to a specialist to maintain their well-being. The majority of women are healthy and only require close supervision to detect complications.

We offer an all-inclusive global fee based on the anticipated amount of work to be done for the individual client agreed at the point of entry. Thus, someone with a medical condition requiring more visits or tests pays more than someone without any problem at all. So it is quite normal under our approach that clients with different needs pay different amounts. We have negotiated discounted prices for ultrasounds and pathology testing on your behalf.

For Healthcare Providers

NetworkOne Health (Pty) Ltd is a health services management company focused on building a maternity network. We work with a wide range of healthcare providers to jointly explore opportunities to grow together. If you would like to create your own team or develop a multidisciplinary birth centre, then we are interested in hearing from you. We also work with teams, providing access to affordable solutions that enable us to share the responsibility for care pathways we co-create with you. We have strategic relationships and relational contracts with service providers and partners that enable us to provide back-end services to evolving and established teams desirous of changing how you work. We have done all the homework to provide administrative support services, clinical decision-support, patients app, data management and reporting tools to help you run your maternity practice more efficiently.

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